Resident Coordinator

Increasing The Bar On Customer Service
Brief info

Being in management, sometimes people assume that you can work miracles. It's not true. No one can. But what I can do is control what is possible to be controlled, which is the customer service that I provide-from me to you-and to always communicate honestly. At the end of the day, I love Stonebrook. Every resident, every corner and curve, and that's my motivation of always doing better today than was yesterday.

As the senior member of the administration team, the property manager acts more as the Resident Coordinator. With that, “it takes a village” to manage the day to day operations of the property, and I simply can not do everything on my own.  Don’t let the title make the preconception be that I should be the initial contact person for all cases, but know that coordinating is my specialty, and providing great customer service is every team member’s goal.

Let Me Help You With:

  • New Resident Orientation & Online Tenant Adaption
  • Annual Lease Renewals
  • Resident Referrals, Concessions & Promotions
  • Rental Assistance & Other Verification
  • Vendor Accounts & Billing
  • Lease Enforcement
  • Ownership Communications

Other Areas That You May Need:

  • To discuss your rental account balance. (Past due accounts)
  • To submit a service request.
  • To check on the status of a service request. If your request needs to be escalated to upper levels for attention, email us directly.
  • To submit a resident complaint.
  • Transfer Requests

Other Areas That You May Need: