The Process Is Easy

The rental application process was made to be easy.  The whole application is taken into consideration , and the screening simply evaluates the probability of long term tenancy. 

  • All adult occupants (who may be or will be living in the apartment home) must submit separate applications.
  • Upload proper photo identification and sscard within the leasing application, along with all other supporting documents that you may need to apply.
  • If you are being referred by one of our current residents, make sure to indicate this by stating their name as a reference when you initially apply.
  • Applicants who may be denied on a particular floorplan, may be offered a different floorplan in order to get the application approved, and the applicant moved in!
  • Due to very limited availability, guarantees can not be made on location factors including; near the office, pool, mailbox, entrance/exit gate, first/second floor levels.
  • Approved applicants are provided with a online link in order to submit the non-refundable administration fee. Ranging from $250-1 months rent, it is based on the evaluation of the rental application.
  • Administration fees solidify the commitment to move in and move in date.  Typically, approved applicants are provide up to 48 hours before their scheduled move in floorplan/unit/move in date is cancelled and available to the next approved applicant.

5 Key Factors

There are 5 key points that the application is evaluated on: Employment, Income, Residency History, Credit & Background

  • Submit all income/employment information with the application. Examples include (4 current check stubs, tax statements for self-employed, etc.
  • Sufficent income is amounts equal to at least 3 times the rent.
  • 6 months of job time is required. In the event of job transfers/business relocation, provide proper documentation.
  • In the event of 3rd party employment verification, the verification form must be sent from the applicants employer (not from a personal email address) and may be emailed to us directly here.
  • Background checks are conducted on all applicants.

2nd Chance Program: Consideration is made for a eviction that is at least 2 years old with other factors that include:

  • Long term employment history with income to support the rent 3.5 times.
  • Verifiable positive rental history after the eviction.
  • There are 2 (or more) household members, the previous is paid in full and both (or all) individually provide income to support the rent 3 times.

Additional Information:

  • Pets are accepted (35 lbs or smaller) with proper veterinarian documentation. No viscous breeds are accepted. Pet fee’s include a one-time non-refundable $350 administration fee and monthly pet rent of $35 per month.
  • All residents are required to obtain renters insurance or enrolled in a landlord liability policy. Other additional monthly fees include pest control and trash (which are minimal fixed amounts), and sewer/water (based on usage and varies monthly).
  • While preparing to move in, future residents should contact the utility company and make preparations to transfer/connect utilities on their move in day.
  • Each resident is permitted to have parking permits for up to 2 vehicles with vehicle registration documents to support ownership, in order to park in the RESIDENT area parking. All others may parked in spaces marked GUESTS.
  • There are no refunds on payments made towards move in.  


Move In Day:

    • Due to Covid-19,  and social distancing the move in inspection and lease review is only open to those who are involved with the lease agreement.
    • Upon your scheduled move in time, give us a call and a team member will direct you to your new apartment in order for you to conduct the move in inspection.
    • A administration staff member will review the lease, addendum, and Resident Portal to ensure that you receive all of the information for a successful residency. Set aside up to :45 minutes for this process.
    • All documents are electronically signed, so make sure any cellphone or other electronic devise that you will use is charged.
    • Once the reminder of any balances is paid to move in, the new applicant is now a resident and will receive their door keys, mailbox keys, and other information.

We conduct business in accordance with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws.  The Fair Housing Amendments Act Of 1988 states that it is illegal to discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status or national origin.