Checking On The Status Of Your Maintenance Request

As tempted as you may be to call the leasing office or grab the nearby service tech in order to inquire about the status of your outstanding maintenance request,  there is a set method to our madness in order to keep a clean and streamlined flow that is efficient for taking care of close to 300 apartments.

First, let us explain

By no means is it “normal” for residents to have to inquire about the status of any work requests. Yet, when you factor in that we are a independently owned complex and keep costs low by not stocking up on materials that we may not use, it provides a minor discomfort that may mean a delay in completing some work requests. To make up for it, we require having all routine requests to be in writing via the resident portal so that we have exact accounting of what is needed in order to consistently requests for any repair parts that may be needed, and to keep proper safe keeping. Secondly, we provide direct knowledge to work requests via the Resident Portal. Once logged in, click on the MAINTENANCE TAB and it will provide for you-directly from the techs-the status of your requests. If closed, this is where you will find that information. If pending for parts, right there via your portal is also where such information will be viewed. Believe it or not, the service requests submitted online, go directly to the technician assigned. Even the most enlightened intelligent person could not keep more accurate log than the software system does.  As employees, we are unable to discuss minute by minute how long service requests will take,  or what specific three to ten will be completed at what moment. That would take for us to close the leasing office and walk around each other all day. And still with that done, we would most likely be wrong with our estimates. However, we do have a way to provide you with feedback in a way that is efficient and easy!

Do you have a open service request?

Seriously. 75% of issues that need a resolution are issues that residents have not submitted online. For whatever reason, life has happened, and the request in the mind has yet to transfer to the online portal. Perhaps the maintenance technician was informed or maybe someone in the leasing office was contacted. Unfortunately, unless in the event of a emergency during after business hours, the only applicable way is via the Resident Portal. Otherwise, if the resident has forgotten to enter it or maybe even a staff member who treats your inquiry just as important as the others, the margin of human error always grows when requests are not submitted via the way intended.

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Morgan King

Is my service request actually damages/replacements ?

Seriously. Per your lease agreement, there are certain items that are the residents responsibility. As you know, techs here sometimes also work as contractors. Consider that at the time of this posting, there are 3 technicians. All 3 are required anytime any HVAC repair work is needed on the roof. Considering the size of the apartment complex, the man power needed in order to execute this one tasks means, minor issues or damages that could have been prevented, are left up to the resident.


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